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Hormone Balance, Made Simple.

Holistic health techniques + Chinese Medicine and tips for better periods, better hormones and boosted fertility,

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so you can become the incredible woman that you were meant to be...

Start -

your journey to better periods

Find what's blocking your body + hormones, create a road-map and get a personalized plan.

Prepare -

nourish your body

Use proven holistic techniques + Chinese Medicine, lifestyle tweeks and supplement protocols to balance your hormones naturally.

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Balance -

your hormones naturally

Take the guesswork out of what to take that help you balance hormones, banish bloat and feel comfortable in your skin again.

Community -

Join us in here for support, ask questions, and connect with others on the same journey as yourself! I’ll be providing you with daily coaching to guide you through how to prep and motivate you through your process. You’ll learn the East-meets-West approach to women’s health plus you’ll learn how to change your mindset and heal emotionally through this process! How you show up to life is everything!

support through the journey

Transform Your Body

Our clients report 96% reduction of...








Start walking your path to hormone balance.

hey there!

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Katie Musicco, the founder of the periodFix, an Acupuncturist and with a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine.

My specialty? Helping women have better hormones, better periods and get pregnant with ease. I know firsthand how frustrating, painful, and scary fertility issues can be. Long story short: I myself have gone through multiple pregnancy losses and uterine surgeries while trying to grow our family. But I’m recovered, I’m healthy, and I’m here to help you get healthy and get pregnant.

The periodFix approach is based in Chinese Medicine, combines three critical factors to help you heal your hormones and boost your fertility.

"We found a new sense of empowerment in our fertility journey and couldn't be more grateful for this membership and the women in it."

Ready to join the sisterhood and unblock the walls to your pregnancy?

Start your journey to better periods

Join the community for free, and explore all the tools and services you need have better hormones, better periods and get pregnant with ease.

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