You are not FERTILITY

You are notdefined by your reproductive abilities, although sometimes with I know it can feel that way.

You are not your failed IVF rounds, lack of ovulation, maternal age, or your doctors’ lack of answers.

You are so much more than that, sister. You are a leader, a lover, a partner, a friend. You are a force to be reckoned with… and you know it. But right now, the only force you’re feeling is the one that’s standing between YOU and the family you want to be growing.

THOSE OUT-OF-WHACK HORMONES. I know they’re a pain in the @ss.

Good thing you’re here.

First, we celebrate.

Because all of that is about to change.Yes, I’m here to help you balance the sh*t out of those hormones so you can finally uncover all of the beauty, energy, and lust for life that’s hiding beneath that constant suffering. Because I’ve been there, and I know what you’re going through.

That’s why I created Sexy Food Therapy: to help you fix those nagging hormonal and digestive imbalances so you can rediscover your health, confidence, joy, and YES, even pleasure. You’re about to become the woman you’re truly meant to be: gorgeous, sparkling, buzzing with energy, and ready as ever to take on the world. Aren’t you ready for THAT? GOOD, me too.

Because Sexy Food Therapy is here to help you heal more than just your hormones or your gut, but all of YOU.

Second, let me clarify what it really means to be SEXY.

Here, SEXY doesn’t mean wearing skimpy lingerie, dancing burlesque, or seducing a special someone.

(although it totally can, if that’s what you’re into)

Here, SEXY is what happens when you’re healthy, charged up, and feeling like your BEST you, with no nagging hormonal or digestive issues to get in the way.

Here, SEXY means empowered, alive, confident, and ready to take on anything life throws at you – with grace, compassion, and a whole lot of self-love.

So let’s clear those obstacles, one step at a time. If you haven’t yet, you can start by answering just a couple questions and I’ll send you some tools via email pronto. You’ll receive your first, crucial action steps to help you start feeling better and healing your hormones, asap. Plus, they’ll be delivered right to your inbox, with lots of extra doses of love from yours truly.

Now, let’s get better acquainted, shall we?

Because I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Melissa Ramos, founder of Sexy Food Therapy and creator of the Sexy Lady Balls program and community. I’m also a nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine. In addition to helping hundreds of women heal their hormones through the Sexy Lady Balls program and with private consultations, I’m a health expert on CTV’s The Social, an official health writer for the Huffington Post, and (in my free time) a TEDx Speaker.

Oh, I’m also affectionately known as the hormone and poop whisperer. Why? Because I love combining my years of professional expertise with personality to help women like YOU get their hormones and digestion in check — and have as much fun as possible doing it.

Yes, I have a silly sense of humor, but deep down I’m all compassion and heart because, well, I get it. I know firsthand how tough it can be to suffer from hormone-related health issues. I know how frustrating it is to deal with mainstream medical care when your ovaries are waging a war on you, and then to get ZERO answers from doctors on how to effectively heal and prevent further complications.

I know what it’s like to almost lose your life because of a hormone imbalance, and I have the (sexy) scars to prove it. If you want to read my full story, it’s right here.

My mission? 


Making your lady balls and poops as ship-shape (and painless) as possible.

Kidding, but not.

My real mission is to help you go from suffering in silence, to living out loud with the best possible hormonal health.

(hopefully with a whole lot of laughs along the way.)


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